• MK-XII IFF Interrogator/Transponder Systems, HF/UHF & Mil Radios, A/C Landing Systems & others

  • Life Support Systems/ Equipment: OBOGS, OBIGGS, Oxygen Regulators for A/C, Portable Medical Oxygen (PVOCS) & others

  • Link-11 / TADIL-A Tactical Data Terminal Set (DTS), Link-11/Link-22 Related Communication Products

  • Link-16 System, Tactical Data Link Training, Range Control Systems, Data Link Mobile Ground Control Systems and others related to Link-16

  • Wireless Data Communications, Tactical Data Link, Improved Data Modem and IDM Technology

  • Multiple Target Control Systems, (MONTAGE),
    Transponders, Synthesizers & Simulators

  • DRFM, Radar/ECM Simulators, SDG, RES & TRES & others

  • RF/Microwave Interconnect Products, RF/Microwave Coaxial Connectors and Cable Assembly Tools

  • Special RF Microwave Components,
    Integrated Microwave Assemblies & Indirect Synthesizer, Frequency Synthesizers (Direct, Low Noise, Miniature Synthesizers)

  • Telemetry Systems, Transponder, Tx/Rx & various Airborne Antenna

  • Advanced SeaBat/HydroBat Multibeam Sonar Systems, Singlebeam Echo sounders, Transducers and Hydrophones for Defense and Security Industries